Powershell reflection

In the context of ETW, an attacker can reflect the ETW event provider assembly and set the m_enabled field to $null.

At a high level, PowerShell reflection can be broken up into four steps:

  1. Obtain .NET assembly for PSEtwLogProvider.

  2. Store a null value for etwProvider field.

  3. Set the field for m_enabled to previously stored value.


Obtain the type for the PSEtwLogProvider assembly and store it to access its internal fields in the next step:

$logProvider = [Ref].Assembly.GetType('System.Management.Automation.Tracing.PSEtwLogProvider')

Store a value ($null) from the previous assembly:

$etwProvider = $logProvider.GetField('etwProvider','NonPublic,Static').GetValue($null)

Compile the steps together to overwrite the m_enabled field with the stored value:


Compiled together, these steps can be appended to make a malicious PowerShell script.