GUI based bypasses

These case studies are not usually applicable to real-world scenarios, as they rely on having access to a graphical session, from where the standard UAC can be elevated. These just serve understanding.


To obtain access to a High IL command prompt without passing through UAC:

  1. On the target machine open msconfig from the start menu or the “Run” dialog.

  2. Analyse the msconfig process with Process Hacker - Even when no UAC prompt was presented, msconfig runs as a high IL process

  3. Navigate to the Tools tab of msconfig to spawn a shell inheriting the msconfig token: Launch a Command Prompt.

  4. Obtain flag

C:\> C:\flags\GetFlag-msconfig.exe


azman.msc will also auto elevate without requiring user interaction, but it has no built-in way to spawn a shell:

  1. On the target machine open azman.msc from the start menu or the “Run” dialog.

  2. Analyse the process with Process Hacker - a process with high IL was spawned and all .msc files are run from mmc.exe (Microsoft Management Console).

  3. Navigate to the Help tab of Azman, an on the help screen, right-click any part of the help article and select View Source.

  4. A notepad process is spawned that can be leveraged get a shell: Go to File -> Open and make sure to select All Files in the combo box in the lower right corner. Go to C:\Windows\System32 and search for cmd.exe and right-click to select Open.

  5. Check the process tree in Process Hacker to see how the high integrity token is passed from mmc to cmd.exe

  6. Obtain flag

C:\> C:\flags\GetFlag-azman.exe